Top cop rethinks app


NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has revised his idea of using a mobile phone app to clarify consent prior to sexual encounters.

Last week Mr Fuller was criticised for suggesting an app could be one way for individuals to acknowledge their consent before engaging in any sexual acts.

Mr Miller said following widespread criticism and ridicule of his idea he had revised the concept.

“I realise now that an app is just too cumbersome and somewhat unworkable,” he said. “So I went back to the drawing board, so to speak, and came up with a more traditional approach.

“I’m now recommending a standard hard-copy form that any individuals can sign if they reach a position where they agree to have sex with each other.

“I’ve modelled it on the many T&C forms – or terms and conditions – that most people are familiar with when accessing some websites or signing up for various online services.

“It lists the many options and conditions that could apply in such situations where two, or even more, people determine that they wish to engage in any of the various sexual acts which are listed on the form.

“I’ve left some blank spaces for people to fill in the type of sexual acts they wish to participate in just in case some people can think up more than the three I’ve had printed on the form.

“Although I’ve been very thorough in setting out the T&Cs applicable to modern sexual behaviour, I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to cut back the wording to the bare basics which means my suggested standard form will be only 16 metres long when printed in a standard A4 width. (main picture)

“I know I copped shit last week for my first idea, but I reckon this one will get an entirely different reception. Mark my words – which is sort of what it’s all about, isn’t it?” Mr Fuller said.