High Court slams Hayne jury decision


The Full Bench of the High Court of Australia in a unanimous decision has slammed the jury’s guilty verdict in the  Jarryd Hayne sexual assault case.

The NSW District Court jury yesterday found Hayne guilty at retrial of sexually assaulting a woman on the night of the 2018 NRL grand final. The presiding judge says a jail term is inevitable.

But in a statement released last yesterday, the High Court said it had made it very clear in a black-letter ruling last year that a jury should never accept the evidence of a single complainant – no matter how compelling or believable that testimony had been – in any sexual assault case in which the accused is exceptionally well-known or, indeed, even famous, or occasionally wears a dog collar in the exercise of their duties.

“The High Court urges Mr Hayne to appeal this absurd jury decision and wishes him well in his future footballing endeavours,” the statement said.