Welcome to the mike… Alan Jones!


The Bug‘s search for fresh standup comics continues, and we were beside ourselves with excitement when a reader sent us tape of a performance by a chap called Alan Jones.

Okay, it’s obvious he’s no spring chicken but, goodness gracious, the quality of his material!

What sort of devious, nay brilliant, mind could have thought up a whole routine lauding Peta Credlin, the woman who made Prime Minister Tony Abbott a one-term blunder.

We tracked Alan down and begged him to try his material before a live audience and as soon as he said yes, we booked an intimate upstairs room in the famous Fortune of War pub in the Rocks.

What can we say! Alan had his audience rolling on the floor laughing and all begging that he stop his routine before they pissed themselves laughing.

So welcome to the stage ….. ALAN JONES!