The invisible man

Our media analysis team members are wondering if Rupert Murdoch has been trying to find out what former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd said about him at the National Press Club on his chosen topic – the malicious and politically vindictive behaviour of the News Corp empire.

Sadly for Rupert, if he turned to one of his own publications he would not have found much joy.

We looked in vain in News Corp Australia’s metro dailies on Wednesday for any mention of Kevin Rudd’s address to the NPC on Tuesday.

But we couldn’t find a word about it anywhere. Not even a snarky column mention, which we think actually goes a long way to proving Mr Rudd’s point.

We’re certain that if Mr Rudd had chosen to attack the ABC he might well have found himself on the front pages of the various Murdoch outlets across the nation.


Mr Rudd gave some examples of the radically different standards applied to Labor and Coalition governments by News Corp Australia.

If you need further proof of the soft-soap approach by News Corp Australia to the Morrison Government take a look at the Brisbane turdbloid The Courier-Mail.

On queue News Corp Australia’s newspapers around the nation today ran big on the Morrison Government’s plans to subsidise air fares to boost tourist travel plans and secure jobs.

The Courier-Mail was no exception, but buried in its story was reference to the fact that Queensland travellers might not enjoy the same choice of destinations under the subsidy scheme as their interstate counterparts. (pictured)

Does anyone seriously believe that if a Labor federal government had been responsible for the guidelines that the Courier wouldn’t be thundering about Queenslanders being short-changed?


Our MGH team often brings you examples of snappy and clever headlines in the few remaining hardcopy newspapers left in Australia.

More often than not, though, we deliver examples of headlines that make no sense or just try too hard.

We’re not sure what description could be applied to this gem about federal Health Minister Greg Hunt’s announcement of the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine that appeared above a story in Brisbane’s Sunday Mail at the weekend.

But we’re very sure it doesn’t belong in the first category. In fact we’re pretty sure it should have a category of its own, perhaps something like WTF!


Speaking of Mr Hunt. We suspect the person at The Advertiser in Adelaide who wrote the headline for Wednesday’s story about the minister’s recent health issues may not be a fan.