Falsehoods colour interview

One of the sensational claims made in the interview by Oprah Winfrey of Their Former Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, was the allegation that an unnamed member of the Royal Family had raised a prenatal question about how “dark” the couple’s  first child might be.

Neither the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, nor his wife, the former Meghan Markle, identified the royal personage.

Unfortunately initial suspicion and speculation fell on the Duke of Edinburgh who has a track record of uttering somewhat inappropriate remarks often with a racial tinge.

But even before Prince Harry ruled out his grandfather, my Buckingham Palace sources informed me that the couple’s claim was “total tosh” and any speculation involving Prince Philip, currently under treatment in a London hospital, was “way off track”.

Prince Harry has also made it clear that Her Majesty the Queen was not responsible for the utterance which stands to reason because my reliable sources tell me that the allegation made by the Duchess of Sussex is simply not true, or has at least been drastically misinterpreted.

“Members of the Royal Family are incensed that the Duchess referenced the remark with the clear and uncorrected implication that the person who allegedly uttered it was alluding to  the Duchess’s skin colour,” one of my palace sources told me. “Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Yes, the remark was made, but the word ‘dark’ was in no way used in relation to the Duchess’s African-American heritage. It was, in fact, made about Harry’s skin tones.

“Camilla…. I mean, the unidentified royal, was simply expressing concern about how red or orange the couple’s children may be.

“Harry, as we all know, is a ranga – to use an expression I understand is common in your country,” the source told me.

“So it is not unreasonable to enquire about the outcome of mixing Harry and Meghan’s genes.

“Cam…… I mean, the unnamed royal was merely asking if any baby Sussexes would be dark rangas or light rangas. It was a totally innocent aside considering rangas are renowned for having skin colouring that matches their hair hues.

“The closest anyone came to making anything resembling a racial remark was when ‘you-know-who’ asked if the child was going to look like a slitty-eyed Chink or a red Indian. But he… I mean that person said nothing about Meghan’s heritage.

“In the end the birth of the couple’s first child settled the question and, as everyone knows, baby Archie’s complexion is the spitting image of his father’s,” my source said. (main picture)