WA state election called off!


This weekend’s Western Australian state election has been called off five days early, with Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup accepting a offer from Premier Mark McGowan of a definite three seats for his Liberals, including his own.

The Premier admitted he had been moved by Kirkup’s heartfelt plea yesterday for voters in his seat of Dawesvilleup not to upend his political career.

The electorate of Dawesvilleup takes in the southwestern suburbs of Mandurahup between the Harveyup Estuary and up to the Indian Ocean, crossing the Dawesvilleup Cut and includes the suburbs of Halls Headup, Erskineup, Falconup, Wannanupup, Dawesvilleup, Bouvardup, Herronup and Upsidedownup.

The Premier was upfront in admitting Mr Kirkup’s plea to his own electorate, on the back of his early concession of the election last week, moved him.

“After Zak Kirkup appeared to give up I picked up the phone and offered him a real leg-up in his hopes that the Liberals will remain the main Opposition party up to the election after this one.

“I suggested he could claim Dawesvilleup, Giddyup and Hurryup and he sensibly took the offer up.”

The agreement means Saturday’s polling day has been cancelled and some 400,000 prepolls already cast will be torn up which may well upset some people.

“But it’s a win-win for everyone, from the bottom up,” the Premier added.

Mr Kirkup upped the ante, saying the accepted offer was great news for all West Australians as it ensured the state would continue with a good, strong opposition up to the next election.

“I was never going to catch up,” Mr Kirkup admitted. “Our campaign has been a stuff-up from day one and every poll up to the latest yesterday showed we were heading for a real towelingup.

“My colleagues agreed that we needed to get a real giddyup and then the Premier has come up with a deal that avoids the total polling-day wipeout we were clearly up against.”

Editor’s note: This story is being updated regularly.