Ex-PM takes lead role

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has been signed by ABC TV to write and star in a new murder mystery series being rushed to air in coming weeks.

Mr Turnbull has been busy this week penning drafts of episodes and rehearsing his title role in the new Miss Marple series just commissioned by the ABC based around the allegations of rape against current and former federal political figures in Canberra. (main picture)

My industry sources tell me that program makers at the ABC were impressed by Mr Turnbull’s performances in the past few weeks giving his forensic analysis of what he believes to be Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s mishandling of the terrible allegations of criminal sexual behaviour made against a former ministerial staffer and more recently a member of federal cabinet.

“Malcolm is born to play Jean Marple, the amateur sleuth made famous by crime writer Agatha Christie,” one senior ABC producer told me.

“His performances in front of the cameras in the past few weeks have been truly award-winning.

“He capped them off this week by raising the prospect that the death of the woman who had accused one of Scott Morrison’s ministers of rape may not have been a suicide, leaving open the prospect of wrongful death, manslaughter, or even murder.

“Talk about a cliffhanger. That’ll get the viewers in, you’ll have to agree.

“So a few of us here at the ABC put our heads together and sketched out plans for a new Miss Marple series which we start shooting next week.

“We spoke to Malcolm and he readily agreed to take on the lead role and to write the six episodes of what we hope will be just the first series.

“We’ve seen his episode outlines and we reckon that this time next year we’ll be at the Logie Awards sitting at a table groaning with statuettes, including the big gold one,” the producer said.