Top silk hints at foul play

SYDNEY:  A top Sydney silk has hinted at foul play in the death last year of the woman who had claimed she was raped as a 16-year-old in 1988 by a man who is now a senior Morrison government Cabinet minister.

Eloquenting beautifully to Fran Kelly on Radio National this morning, Sydney rake and respected legal eagle of many decades standing, Malcolm Turnbull QC, BLaw, FizzA (Hons) suggested a possible South Australian coronial inquest into the woman’s apparent suicide almost eight months ago should look at a more sinister reason for her demise.

“I think the unnamed minister should out himself and face up to the very real possibility that he’s had that poor woman whacked to protect his career,” Mr Turnbull did not say but if he had, it would have been delivered with an oily smoothness befitting his training and obvious breeding.


SYDNEY: Two more fancy designer shoes containing foot bones and decomposed flesh belonging to fraudster Melissa Caddick have washed up on beaches several hundred kilometres south of Sydney, confirming for investigating police that she had indeed been living a double life for quite some time.