Dutton set to challenge PM


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, fuming over an overnight carpeting by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, is reportedly counting the numbers for a challenge.

Dutton (file photo above) was called into the PM’s office early last night to explain a comment he was overheard making in the corridors of Parliament just after Question Time about the historic rape allegations against a senior Cabinet minister.

Dutton jokingly told an aide that the minister accused of anally raping a girl, 16, back in 1988 “had nothing to worry about as the incident had not even reached the ‘he said; she’s dead’ stage”.

A furious PM apparently told Dutton: “Just fucking well stop talking about it, okay. I think it’s starting to die down.”

A furious Dutton stormed back to his ministerial office and told staff: “The cunt made me feel like I was a naughty boy in a state school principal’s office! I thought he was about to tell me to put my hand out for six of the best.”

Dutton has reportedly asked former Finance Minister Mathias Cormann if he could take just a little time off campaigning for OECD general-secretary to crunch the numbers for him.