Public apology to Mark Zuckerberg


You were right and we were wrong.

You correctly identified us as a mainstream “news” platform and we had no right to get angry over that and your subsequent decision to ban us from using Facebook to promote ourselves.

We allowed hubris to colour our judgment and our repeated and angrily shouted claims that we only ever did fake news now linger to add to our shame and humiliation.

We deeply regret launching our Fuck Zuck campaign (above), albeit one we ceased immediately once Facebook put us back on line yesterday with other credible mainstream news platforms such as the News Corp Australia, Nine Entertainment, Sky News Australia and the Seven Network.

And we certainly apologise unreservedly for cruelly using your image to create a spokeswoman for a fictional Australian organisation happy with your ban.

And we were totally wrong for punchy advertising we had begun running in both print-media and online newspapers taking the mickey out of you and all those high-tech tyro nerd geniuses who work for you. It was money we could ill afford to spend.

We saw the error of our ways just the other day, when we ran a news brief from our Perth newsroom that on the very day pre-poll voting had begun for the March 13 state election there, the state’s Opposition Leader Jack Kirkup was about to hold a media conference to concede the election and to apologise for his name.

When he did actually concede the election the very next day, the entire Bug newsroom in our main east-coast hub turned to one another on both the ground floor and mezzanine levels and shouted as one: “Fuck, what do you know! We do cover real news after all.”

As a very intelligent man, you clearly saw that in the way we operate and we didn’t. And for that we are so, so fucking sorry.