Jenny’s jab at ‘daggy dad’ hubbie


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been given a right-royal ‘dressing down’ by wife Jenny over his choice of clothing for public appearances over the weekend.

“I think what Jenny in fact gave me was a ‘dressing-up’ command,” the PM joked this morning as he headed of with his professional photographer for the day’s COVID-19 vaccine jab shots.

The nation’s leader was shown over the weekend wearing the jersey of his beloved Sharks NRL side and a casual, two-tone sports shirt with the words AUS and SCOMO emblazened across the back. (pictured above)

Mr Morrison explained how his wife had put him in his place on Sunday night.

“That’s my Jenny for you. She’s always telling me to think and wee like a woman so I don’t make as much mess.

“Jenny said to me: ‘How are you going to feel in a couple of years’ time if young men turn up to take our daughters to their semi-formals and formals dressed like that?’

“She always makes me think about things like that from a female perspective that is obviously beyond my abilities despite being the father of our nation,” Mr Morrison said. “She really is my rock and my compass on such matters.”

The PM also had accepted social media criticism of his choice of attire and promised to wear at the very least smart casual wear when out and about on official duties.

“Those critics were right. Imagine the flack (sic) a female prime minister would have copped if she had dressed down like I did.

“And I know it’s no excuse but I don’t normally work over weekends.”