Catchy new tune gains airtime, traction


By our inhouse reviewer

Another toe-tapping song from the recently released album by the Mainstream Media Political All Stars is gaining traction of late on the back of increased air play.

While it attracted little attention among all nine tunes on Smoko Deserves Another Term when it was released at year’s end, the song midway through side two of the album, The Magnificent Morrison and his Flown-in Vaccine Regime certainly has a lot of people in the industry now talking major hit.

In fact, the song has just been released on an old fashioned 45rpm vinyl disc as well with How the Father of Our Nation Bravely Led Us Through the COVID-19 Crisis on the flip side.

Will other songs from the original album also get the same treatment?

I’d certainly pay to pick up an EP containing toe-tappers such as It Would be a Crying Shame to Judge Smoko on any other Silly and Petty Issue and those wonderful little tunes Smoko led the Pandemic Fightback from the Get-Go and Smoko is Unbeatable Now He’s Moved to the Centre that Peter Hartcher has made his own, although I do also like the slower-paced duet he does on Smoko’s Leadership Has Been Magnificent with Jacqueline Maley.

But it was last night’s segment on the Channel 9 news when Chris Uhlmann knocked me over with his own take on The Magnificent Morrison and his Flown-in Vaccine Regime.

I’m pretty sure the ABC’s Andrew Probyn on 7.30 some weeks back sang the song on the original album so this track has clearly been recut for the single and, golly gosh, does Uhlmann make it his own with his irresistible rich baritone.

“The Prime Minister will be judged on this vaccine rollout,” Uhlmann sang throatily.

He projects a song brilliantly and you can almost hear him uttering the words “And assuming it will be rolled out without any major hiccups, he surely must have another term in the bag and Anthony Albanese’s goose is well and truly cooked.”

Hugging his microphone close and tears clearly forming in both eyes, he practically continues: “And that’s the way it should be.”

I do suspect, though, that once the next federal election gets under way, the track will need to have “Sung Chris Uhlmann for the Liberal Party of Australia” tagged on at the end to comply with strict Australian Electoral Commission rules.

And in late news, I can reveal that the production company behind the original Mainstream Media All Stars album, Rupert Murdoch Records based in the Big Apple, has announced a follow-up album is currently being cut.

The new album will once again be a joint effort between RMR and other lesser players in the recording industry such as Nine Entertainment, the Seven Network and the ABC and I hear that Any Labor Policy For the Upcoming Election Will Cost Tens of Billions sung by Patricia Karvelas has a silver bullet written all over it.

The good goss is that an ensemble piece from the Mainstream Media Political All Stars but with a stunning solo spot by David Speers will see Victoria Has Botched the Coronavirus Fightback From the Very Beginning also top the charts, along with Labor Would Have Needed to Spend Twice As Much Combatting COVID-19 Because They Simply Can’t Manage Money Well, belted out Meatloaf-style by guest artist Clive Palmer.

The new album is expected to be released the day Prime Minister Scott Morrison takes the short drive out to Yarralumla to kick-start the next federal election campaign.

Expect relentless and extensive airplay of both albums for a month or so after that.