Murdoch strives for accuracy


US media mogul Rupert Murdoch has announced a change of name for his international News Corp group to better reflect its core business activities.

Speaking in New York, Mr Murdoch (main picture) who chairs the US-based group said the company would now be known as Right Corp.

“We’ve made this change in the interest of accuracy,” Mr Murdoch said.

“It’s been clear for many, many years that we have not been reporting the news.

“We’ve been blatantly peddling and pushing clear right-wing opinions through our flagship Fox News – which will now be called Fox Right.

“So we need to be accurate about what we’re up to, or else we could face regulatory action or consumer litigation for misrepresentation.

“The name-change has also been prompted by the fact that Fox News… sorry, Fox Right now faces strong competition from other right-wing outlets such as One American News Network and Newsmax which have grown during the rise and fall of Donald Trump as US president.

“That’s why we’ve decided to take Fox News…. Fox Right even further to the right in its coverage and the change of name in its parent company will help us build a competitive advantage,” he said.

Mr Murdoch said the change would also be reflected in Right Corp’s subsidiaries in Australia and the UK which would now be known as Right Corp Australia and Right UK.

“We’ve already rolled out the new name at our Australian HQ in Sydney,” he said. (pictured)

“Like Americans, most Aussies and Brits have also known for many years that each day, and especially when elections roll around, Sky News and our few remaining Australian newspapers and their websites and our many UK outlets don’t report the news but campaign for our favoured right-wing politicians and parties.

“So we think they’ll take the name-change in their stride,” he said.