Reporter’s stand-out performance

The Bug’s Media Glass House is indebted to Channel 9 Sydney news reporter Airlie Walsh (above) for showing us on Thursday’s 6pm bulletin just how exciting a story about trucks rat-running through a Sydney suburb to avoid a toll road can be.

Too boys’ own manual? Sorry! It’s hard for The Bug to shake off its childish, undergraduate-humour, beginnings.

In our hardcopy days, we took a different tack once and tried for more sophisticated and mature humour with far less scatological stuff but our bundles of papers simply weren’t picked up as quickly at our various university outlets. It was a hard lesson but one learnt well.


Now for the story of how a letter of the alphabet mysteriously went missing right in the middle of a sentence in a court story on the InQueensland news site.

Here’s how the senence… sorry, sentence … appeared…

In a statement, InQueensland management said: “We are ot sure where his misake firs appeared – by the original reporer or our sub-edior bu we inend to ge o he boom of i. Journalisic sandards are imporan o us.”


ABC News Online is carrying a quite interesting story about the growing community use of the word “uce” – a derivative of the Samoan word “uso” used “when a man addresses another man as his brother, or a woman addresses another woman as her sister”.

The story is rather long and canvasses the use of the two essentially slang words among the Samoan community as well as its increasing prevalence among non-Samoan Australians.

But what is the correct pronunciation of “uce” or “uso”? Is it “yuke” and “yoos” or “yoo-see” and “yoo-soe”, or even “ukky” and “uss-oh”?

Sadly the ABC Online story never explains.

For those of us who have never heard of the words, let alone used them, it seems a basic piece of vital information is missing in action.


And, finally, back to Channel 9 News, Sydney where we find Peter Overton all at sea.

Based on data provided by the window behind his news desk, including the height of Sydney’s original AMP tower and using the latest in three-point satellite location-finding technology, TMG has determined that Peter the other night hosted the 6pm news service from about two kilometres east of Pinchgut Island (Fort Denison) at an elevation above sea level of 321 metres.

Why he did that in such inclement weather is anyone’s guess.