Media man overcome


One of the nation’s most senior and influential media figures remains under treatment in a Sydney hospital following his collapse at home from an as-yet unidentified condition.

Editor-in-chief of The Australian, Chris Dore, was rushed to the St Vincent’s Hospital yesterday. (main picture)

Although the newspaper is yet to make an official statement about his condition it is known that Mr Dore was at home when he suffered some sort of health episode.

“It happened very suddenly apparently,” one staff member of The Australian told The Bug on condition of anonymity.

“Chris was enjoying a quiet Sunday at home thinking up headlines and graphics for future stories when he received news of the speech by Bill Shorten getting up the ribs of his successor as federal Labor Party leader, Anthony Albanese.

“He was also told of the ABC’s decision to acknowledge community attitudes by referring occasionally to Australia Day as Invasion Day.

“It seems the prospect of two big negative stories in one edition about The Australian’s favourite targets – the Labor Party and the ABC – was just too much for Chris to bear.

“He immediately went into a sort of hyperactive, almost orgasmic state and began shouting to nobody in particular a raft of ideas for pun-filled headlines and derogatory graphics to illustrate the two stories.

“In the heat of the moment he obviously thought he was still running the Daily Tele.

“But he worked himself into such a state that he started foaming at the mouth, spontaneously ejaculated, then collapsed in a heap on the floor and that’s when an ambulance was called.”

The source within The Australian said Mr Dore’s admission to hospital had affected today’s coverage of the stories by the newspaper.

“Both stories were run prominently at the top of the second page, and the ABC story was given a short run as a pointer on the front page. (pictured)

“But I can’t help thinking they would have both been run big on page one if Chris were not indisposed, although which one would have been the splash is anyone’s guess. Maybe both, he’s that good.”

The source said it was not known when Mr Dore would be discharged from hospital as he was still undergoing medical tests.

“It would help if that took a few days because Paul Kelly is still only 3,000 words into his message in the get-well card we’re circulating around the Holt Street office,” the source said.