White House airily defends gift


The White House says there is nothing suspicious about the fact outgoing President Donald Trump is paying for his personal legal adviser Rudy Giuliani to take flying lessons.

Presidential spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany confirmed that Mr Trump had paid for Mr Giuliani to enrol this week at a Washington DC flying school. (main picture)

“I can confirm that Mr Giuliani has been taking lessons in in a Boeing 757-222 flight simulator,” the spokesperson said.

“But so what if the President gifts his friend a few flying lessons? There’s nothing illegal about that, except in the eyes of the fake news media.”

Ms McEnany said Mr Trump had paid for Mr Giuliani to undertake an intensive course of flying lessons.  

“Following the unsuccessful riots at the Capitol the President told his advisers that he wished he knew someone who could fly a large commercial passenger aircraft,” she said.

“He told them it would be particularly helpful if he could find someone who knew how to fly  before 20 January and certainly before noon on that day.

“Mr Giuliani was in the meeting and declared that he was a fully qualified captain.

“But it turns out that Rudy meant he was a sea captain. Of a pirate ship. Apparently.

“The President then decided Rudy should learn to fly. He insisted that Rudy learn the basics very quickly and suggested he complete some lessons in a simulator to learn how to take off, but to save time he should forget about any lessons on how to land.”

Ms McEnany also confirmed that the President had arranged for Mr Giuliani to be booked on the late morning United Airlines flight 93 out of Newark Airport in New Jersey to San Francisco on 20 January.