Let’s smoko this smirker out!

The Twitter War on Scott Morrison that I recommended a while back needs to be ramped up immediately to “shock and awe” status.

Time is of the esssence for a federal election this year now seems certain, at least in the minds of the mainstream media political scribes.

Dennis Atkins in The New Daily on January 8 was dead certain a poll will be called later this year. He wrote: “It will be interesting to chart the performance and daily reviews of Morrison during the eight or nine months until the almost certain 2021 election date.

“The first days of this year have given us all the clues needed to confirm this is an election year.”

One scribe has even confidently predicted a date in October with such conviction you’d consider an online bet right now and clean up.

I’ve made a mistake of being critical of these scribes for all this election talk. I find the thought of an election a year early in a pitiful three-year election cycle a total abomination. It would be nice if someone amongst the mainstream media political “elite” expressed the same view with any passion. But let’s return to reality.

They are only hearing and seeing what the rest of us are.

The signs are all there: the big multi-million advertising blitz supposedly to tell us all about the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine rollout that will not doubt contain a far from subliminal message about what a wonderful job the Father of the Nation has done to protect us during this pandemic.

Then comes the news overnight that Morrison might also launch a separate and expensive ad blitz to push changes – they’ll be called major reforms in the ads – to workplace relations laws. The government is reportedly spending $200,000 for market research to frame these messages. They could have given me $25 and I could have written it for them.

The one thing that is sure through these pervasive predictions is that Morrison will not take the drive out to Yarralumla at any time this year if his popularity and preferred PM figures in polls – read Newspoll – start to slip along with the two-party preferred figure.

Who knows? The Australian might even lose more money this week than normal if it’s paid for a Newspoll tonight. I still have enough faith in Australians that Smoko’s poll numbers will start falling sooner than later.

Nevertheless, I’m repeating my call to the Twitterverse: follow those who clearly abhor Morrison for all the rotten, sneaky, shitty things – before and after entering politics – that make him the repulsive reptile he is. Tweet often yourself about the truths about this prick. There are so many.

That he was led screaming and kicking by the states to a suitable response to COVID-19. That he deserves being booted out just for being at the centre of the Robodebt scandal alone. That his role in the sports rorts saga and the lies he told to Parliament should have seen him gone long ago. That at the next federal poll, he’ll tell even more lies about Labor’s policies and plans than the time before, if that’s humanly possible.

As mentioned before, go personal, folks, just like he is now on “each-way” Albanese. Ooooh… each way! Is there a not-too-subtle sexual subtext there? But I do hope we all keep the PM’s family out of it.

My personal favourite is to frequently tweet my suspicion – make that my absolute belief – that Morrison is not a religious person in any way, shape or form.

Here’s one I prepared earlier; baked it on Christmas Day in fact. It was in response to one of my favourite Tweeterers, whom I shall admire to my dying day, whoever he or she is!

Oh. that a few thousand sane and sensible Coalition Tea Ladies could be cloned and dropped into a half-dozen marginal Queensland electorates.

I detest all religions more or less equally but Morrison’s happy-clapping brand of Pentecostalism with its Rapture-awaiting, prosperity doctrine (if you’ve been a failure in life it’s because you haven’t loved Jesus enough) and general talking in tongues mumbo jumbo bullshit does my head in.

So let’s get cracking and turn the polls around.

We must do the work that MSM won’t do and expose this flim-flam grifter as a lazy, far-from-bright but far on the right apostle of discredited trickle-down economic theory and someone who really, truly, doesn’t give a toss about average folk. If he did, he’d stop the “everyone who wants a job can get a job” chin dribble. He hates the working class almost as much as he hates working.

I have truly had enough of his marketing bullshit and boofy guy-next-door persona and his three-word slogans that spew from his lying lips when he’s not being professionally photographed building something from Bunnings.

Tweet hard and often against him. Retweet and follow those who do the same.

Below are a few recent tweets by people with just that sort of message. I retweeted their thoughts on Morrison’s cowardly lack of criticism of Trump’s seditious treachery, his economic mismanagement, the foolishness that flows from the lips of the fops, flops and frauds in his ministry, and then followed them!

Let’s ramp up this on-line war on Morrison. Force his ratings down because a bully is also inherently a coward. He’ll run his term if he has any doubts at all about losing an early election.

And I’d rather have to put up with another 16 to 18 months of his snake-oil salesmanship and his smirks than to inflict him and his fellow far-right travellers on Oz for another three years.

Don Gordon-Brown