White House moved to Florida

WASHINGTON DC: The White House has been moved successfully overnight to President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago exclusive club and golf course in Florida.

In a precise military manoeuvre at midnight that involved elite United States Army sappers and Air Force pilots at the controls of the air force’s most powerful Schwarzenegger lifting helicopters, the 229-year-old building was safely set down after a two-hour flight with minimal damage in the grounds of what President Trump calls “the crown jewel of Palm Beach”.

In his first trumpt on his new social media messaging platform, Trumper, President Trump declared, using the hashtag #therealpresidentinexile, that he would continue to lead “the true patriots” of the United States for the next four years.

“The White House will also double as a functions centre for the Mar-a-Lago Cub,” he trumpt.

The ongoing and still 45th President of the United States then unleased a series of furious trumpts against those who had accused him of spiriting publicly owned White House items away.

“There’s egg all over the faces of those who accused me of stealing that bussed (sic) of Abraham Lincoln (pictured). 1/4.

“All the priceless items in the White House – the statutes (sic), the paintings and the varses (sic) – would have been damaged if they had been left in the building as it was air-lifted to Mar-a-Lago.” 2/4

“Mar-a-Lago has some amazingly discounted residential and playing packages at the moment, by the way.” 3/4

“The purchase of any package includes the first five-minutes free of any White House tour booked.” 4/4