Trump addresses the nation

US President Donald Trump has taken up the challenge of President-elect Joe Biden and has made a short video address to the nation in the wake of riots at the Capitol Building in Washington DC that have disrupted the US Congress.

Mr Biden urged the President to tell the rioters to end their occupation of the Capitol and allow Congress to continue its democratic work.

Mr Trump later made a short video shot in the White House grounds directed at the demonstrators. (main picture)

But political observers doubt the message will settle the unrest.

“I have seen the doctored vision of people at the Capitol which the fake media was there to shoot. Joe Biden has challenged me to make this address,” Mr Trump began his message.

“But sleepy dopey Joe Biden shouldn’t have stolen the election just to continue acting as if he has time to kill. Joe Biden is not your next President. I am. I won the election.

“But the activity at the Capitol is the sort activity we must eliminate. Joe Biden is happy to see this fake vision of fake riots.”

In his short address the President noted that most of the protestors who invaded the Capitol were men.

“I urge you to do the right thing and make me proud. Boys will be boys of course.

“We all love democracy and it’s something we must keep. Rioting is a way to show your feelings about the election result,” Mr Trump said.