Georgia on my mind

I owe the good folk of Georgia the most humble of apologies.

As Australia’s most accurate amateur psephologist, I simply did not foresee that yesterday’s Georgian Senate rerun would send two Democrats to Capital Hill in Washington.

Luckily I didn’t make those thoughts – based on absolutely no concrete research whatsover because that’s what an amateur psephologist does – public otherwise my shingle would have tilted even more lopsided on the wall.

Here was my reasoning: there was nothing wrong at all with traditionally conservative Georgians voting for Joe Biden on November 3.

What decent US citizen would not want to end the four years of mendacity, meanness and a me-me-me mentality from Donald Gump, the idiot who sadly for the USofA strayed far from the village he should never have left (pictured above).

Sleepy, dopey, he’ll-die-of-old-age-next-week Joe was the first Democrat in 20 years to take the state’s Electoral College votes.

So why couldn’t I see similar senate run-off outcomes?

Getting rid of the Orange Baboon is one thing; giving control of the Senate to those unpatriotic commie socialist Democrats is an entirely different vat of peanut butter.

I thought the GOP’s efforts on the ground would be fairly persuasive in that regard, even overcoming any desire by voters to punish Donald Gump for his disgraceful behaviour since the presidential vote.

Yet here we have it: at the latest count on the Washington Post site, both Democrat Senate hopefuls were 87,038 votes in total ahead of the GOP pair. Both will win; the first time in 50 years that Georgia has voted in one Democrat Senator let alone two! And one of them black to boot!

Gee willikers, that total Democrat vote would have seen Joe Biden take the state’s electoral college votes after November 3 if only that election had been fair fair and unrigged. Oh that’s right….it was… and he did!

So what do you say about all this, devout followers of the man-child, dummy-spittin’, toy-throwing from the cot Orange Baboon who tried to shame poor old dumb VP Pence to use some magical powers to turn the presidential election result around?

As you awaited your eviction from the Capitol building a few hours ago, were you still chanting the Gump’s lies?

Both of these elections have now clearly been rigged! Biden’s presidential election win? Fake news people!!!! Condemn the lamestream media and big Pharma! President Gump won on the night in a landslide and no pre-poll votes should have been counted after that except the ones for the Gumpster!

We saw you earlier storm Washington in your tens of thousands, chanting your silly chants, some packing heat to match your madness. Raise those Saturday night specials and assault weapons high! God is and will always be on your side.

You should be thankful your God kept you relatively safe and that the Houses of Congress have apparently now been cleared with no further bloodshed.

I do confess shame that for a moment there, I saw in my mind’s eye – and rather enjoyed the imagery – elite SWAT and National Guard members on the roofs of the Capitol building, momentarily thinking they were deranged right-wing racist white wackos and using their high-powered automatic weapons to mow down countless numbers of Proud Boys and other overweight and over-tattooed “true patriots” and if achieving nothing else by their actions, improving the IQ of the average American citizen somewhat.