A cutback we support

Regular readers of our Media Glass House will know that we have on numerous occasions pointed out the fact that several News Corp Australia turdbloids around the nation publish a page of commentary by regular guest columnist Vicki Campion.

What makes that fact interesting is that Ms Campion is partnered at the time of going to press to ex-National Party leader and former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce and also works on the staff of a Queensland-based Liberal National Party federal MP.

Her columns regularly feature blatant political attacks on the Labor Party and, admittedly, on some in the federal Liberal Party and the federal National Party which her partner no doubt still harbours dreams of leading again.

We have previously expressed our view that her columns clearly do her partner’s political prospects no harm as they often reflect his thoughts on the world and various participants in the nation’s and Nationals’ political processes.

Yet her column has only rarely carried a disclosure informing readers of her political connections.

This weekend Ms Campion’s column appeared as usual in the Daily Telegraph in Sydney consuming, as usual, a full page less the ad space of course. (pictured).

It consisted entirely of a torrent of political abuse aimed at “Labor Premiers” closing their borders again following the COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney’s northern beaches.

Ms Campion took particular aim at Queensland’s Labor Party Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk.

But in News Corp’s Brisbane newspaper The Courier-Mail, Ms Campion’s column was, shall we say, somewhat abbreviated.

It was heavily edited and ran down only one of the six columns making up one of the paper’s op-ed pages. That’s it at right, waaaaay over to the right-hand side of the page.

Is it a sign that those who call the shots at the Courier may have recognised that someone (especially a dreaded “southerner”) attacking Ms Palaszczuk for shutting borders to protect her constituents actually works in the Queensland Premier’s and Labor’s favour –  as amply demonstrated by the recent election outcome in the state?

Or, perhaps more simply, have they –  and readers – started to grow tired of the predictable, partisan shit Ms Campion dishes up each week?