Old mate’s face in award race


Nominations have opened for The Bug’s 2020 Australian of the Year Award.

Chair of the judging panel, The Bug’s investment and financial advice columnist Morrie Bezzle, said there had already been several names put forward for consideration.

Speaking outside the Brisbane Magistrates Court after being released on bail, Mr Bezzle (pictured) said the 2020 AOTY would be announced on Australia Day, 26 January next year.

Recent winners have included businessman and political activist Clive Palmer (left, main picture) for 2018 and teenage environmental activist Scomo Turdberg (right, main picture) who was chosen as The Bug’s Australian of the Year for 2019.

Mr Bezzle said nominations could be made of any Australian by any Australian.

“As always, my fellow judges and I will be on the lookout for true blue Aussies who have done our nation proud in this very difficult year,” he said.

“As the chief judge I really shouldn’t say this, but it’s great news that one of the names that’s lobbed so far is a sentimental favourite of mine – my old mate and former occasional business partner Peter Foster. (pictured)

“Some shiny arsed bureaucrats and pen pushers try to make out that Peter’s been less than honest with his investors in the past.

“Going way back they hounded him mercilessly all because he was trying to help his fellow Aussies by marketing diet tea, diet pills, and a diet nasal spray.

“The smears he put up with were just disgraceful and it’s no wonder business in our nation is so frustrated with the sort of red tape that authorities claim is needed to protect consumers.

“As I said to my good mate Christopher Skase just the other day, it’s a tragedy that our history is littered with visionary entrepreneurs like Peter who have been persecuted instead of being honoured in the pantheon of business greats.

“I reckon Peter’s got a good chance at taking out the award come Australia Day, but I can’t show any bias, at least not in public.

“But I reckon a couple of possible developments in Peter’s business portfolio may seal the deal for him.

“I can’t say too much but keep an eye out in coming weeks for  a new range of anti-COVID tea, anti-COVID pills, and an anti-COVID nasal spray,” Mr Bezzle said. “Get a slice of that action if you can.”