Cheese maker attacked


Anti-racism advocates campaigning for a change to the name of Coon cheese claim its manufacturer is not serious about rebranding the popular product.

In July the Saputo Dairy Australia company, a subsidiary of Canadian listed dairy products firm Saputo Inc, announced it would drop the Coon name that has been in use under various owners of the brand since 1935.

But chair of the Change Unsuitable Names Taskforce, Randy Fuchs, said while a change had been made it was not sufficient.

“In reality Saputo hasn’t done much at all, in fact we think it’s simply not serious about making a real change,” Mr Fuchs said.

“They have replaced the name Coon with Nooc. But we at CUNT think Saputo has just started to reverse the labels it’s been using on its packaging as a cheap way out.

“In addition, the company has made a big song and dance about promoting the new name.

“But they’ve engaged actress and former ‘James Bond girl’ Maryam d’Abo to front the campaign promoting the new name. (main picture)

“We just think the company’s not serious about the push by us and others to change the name.

“In fact we think it’s just taking the piss,” Mr Fuchs said.