Oh, to be a fly on the wall…

Hearing on the grapevine that journos from The Courier-Mail and The Sunday Mail are pleading with the re-elected Palaszczuk ministry for a coffee and a chat and a chance to push a “let’s all move on as if nothing bad really happened” case.

Or as that Daily Telegraph sub-editor says on Mad as Hell: “Just a bit of fun. No harm meant, okay?”.

Among those leading the charge, so I hear, is Peter “Maaaate, let’s start afresh” Gleeson. I can see him in his shiny suit, pleading in that gravelly voiced Ocker way of his for a catchup kiss-and-makeup. Oh, to be at one of those meetings, should Palaszczuk or any of her ministers be stupid enough to hear him or any of his colleagues out.

My spies remind me that Gleeso was among the first trying to get through the door back in early February, 2015, when Palaszczuk’s Labor went from seven to 44 seats to toss out one-termer Campbell “Couldn’t Do” Newman.

Well, I’m delighted to also hear that there is a price finally being paid by an organisation that has for three state elections in a row shamelessly run a pro-LNP line that has trashed just about every tenet of decent, balanced, respectable journalism.

The guys and gals up at the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch once again this election gave it their best shot but it seems like they’ve finally lucked out big time. They are the victims of the “three strikes and you’re out” rule.

I hear that the Palaszczuk ministry is more or less settled on the view that News Queensland will not be getting any government advertising in this new four-year-term. The Queensland government apparently has gotten quite fond of other platforms to get its message across, and successfully so, as October 31 also proved for its members campaigning as Labor candidates.

Hear also that some of the political scribes who shamefully still call themselves journalists are still firing loaded questions at the new government with demands that answers be received by 4.30pm!

And that senior government staffers are happily watching the clock tick hours past that deadline in a silent “fuck you for what you tried to do to us!”.

And let’s never forget what the Courier and Sunday Mails got up to for months and months, and not just the recent election campaign period, and why Palaszczuk and her ministers are well within their rights to declare: “You tried to kill us off so now you’re dead to us”.

All those LNP exclusive drops juiced up by reporters using buzz words the LNP probably didn’t even dare put into their original releases. The Deb’s ready! yarns. The endless attacks on a heartless and uncaring Palaszczuk; the bandying around of the word “corrupt” to describe her and her government whenever opportunity arose.

Such shocking, one-sided bias would be unacceptable in any newspaper; the fact that mastheads such as The Courier-Mail, The Sunday Mail, The Cairns Post, The Townsville Bulletin and The Gold Coast Bulletin are bully-boy monopolies in their own back yards makes their crimes utterly repulsive and unforgivable.

And it now looks like they can all pay a very heavy price for shamelessly backing the wrong horse with such venomous bias three times in a row.

I’ve called for yonks for Palaszczuk not be spend one lousy red cent with these “newspapers” obsessed with her downfall so I hope what I’m hearing is correct.

With rumours now swirling around that The Courier-Mail is in financial difficulties, there is no better time to twist the knife and hopefully speed up this shitpaper’s demise.