White House lockdown lifted

The White House was in lockdown for several hours earlier today after Secret Service agents initially believed the official home of the US President may have been under attack.

A White House spokesperson said the lockdown was initiated after agents noticed a sinkhole forming just one metre inside the southern perimeter fence of the building’s sprawling grounds.

“Secret Service agents could not readily explain the sinkhole,” the spokesperson said.

“They could not easily determine whether or not it was a natural phenomenon or if it was caused by a potential intruder tunnelling under the fence to gain access to the grounds.

“In the interests of safety the White House went into lockdown and the President and First Lady were located and taken to secure areas of the building.

“There was some concern at that time that Mr and Mrs Trump’s teenage son Barron could not be located and an extensive and urgent search was undertaken for him in the residence, as well as in the West Wing and East Wing of the White House.

“That search was called off and the lockdown lifted when Barron emerged from what had been thought to be a sinkhole but in fact turned out to be a tunnel he admitted he had been digging for the best part of a year.” (main picture)

A witness at the scene who did not wish to be identified said Secret Service agents assisted Barron from the tunnel and checked that he was physically unharmed before escorting him back to the White House.

“Barron put up quite a struggle but eventually several agents overpowered him and four of them took an arm and leg each and carried him back to the residence,” the witness told The Bug.

“He kept trying to wriggle free of their grip while shouting ‘So close. So fucking close’, but the agents were just too strong for him,” the witness said.