Drug maker assures public


Global pharmaceutical company Pfizer has moved to allay public fears about the rumoured side effects of its planned COVID-19 vaccine.

The US-based company said it wanted to specifically deny rumours that its proposed coronavirus vaccine may have unwanted or dangerous side effects because it had been developed by the same research team responsible for one of its existing and best known product, the male anti-impotence drug Viagra.

“It is standard practice for major pharmaceutical companies to piggyback research efforts on existing product lines,” said Pfizer’s head of research, Carson O’Genic (main picture).

“I am so confident of the highly skilled individuals making up our research teams that I volunteered very early on in our COVID-19 vaccine development efforts to take part in human trials.

“That’s the sort of confidence I have in our work here at Pfizer.

“From my experience there are no unwanted side effects whatsoever. In fact I’ve been quite pleased with the results from my time as a so-called ‘human guinea pig’.

“The only warning we will be issuing once our vaccine starts to be used will be to advise the public – or at least men who may use it – that they should be ready to add a few inches to the standard social distance they apply in crowds or at places where others are present,” Mr O’Genic said.