Agarol sounds off


Brisbane-based composer and impresario Vince Agarol has condemned a decision by the National Film and Sound Archives to again reject one of his songs for inclusion in the Sounds of Australia registry.

Mr Agarol (pictured) said he had tried repeatedly to have at least one of his compositions included in the registry.

“Each year the National Film and Sound Archives chooses 10 songs, pieces of music, or some other form of audio recording to list on its Sounds of Australia registry to acknowledge their significance to Australia’s cultural life,” he said.

“This year Gough Whitlam’s 1972 election theme song It’s Time has been chosen, along with John Williamson’s Hey True Blue, and Silverchair’s first big hit Tomorrow. (pictured)

“The registry also lists a lot of old radio shows, political speeches, and the like.

“But it’s the selection of songs that concerns me. I’ve put forward a number of my original compositions to the NFSA only to receive SFA in return.

“For instance, last year I submitted for consideration every song I wrote for my as-yet unproduced rock opera about Brisbane’s Poo Jogger who was dropping rancid coils on people’s driveways a few years back.

“This year I wrote to the NFSA  nominating for inclusion one of my rejected Eurovision song contest entries.

“It’s a lovely little ballad called My Fart Will Go On which I penned as an homage to the theme song from the blockbuster movie Titanic.

“It’s regularly performed at various venues around Brisbane by the young and talented drag queen Dion Celine.

“Rather than singing in the traditional sense, I wrote the lyrics to be delivered by Dion by making flatulence noises with his mouth and lips.

“The performance ends with Dion holding a huge turd above his head and throwing it into the audience. (main picture)

“Of course in these COVID-safe days it’s not a real turd but a large styrofoam mould which has been smeared with real human excrement for authenticity’s sake.

“I invited NFSA representatives to a recent performance but they didn’t turn up, so I sent them a video of Dion’s performance but heard nothing back.

“I’ve been treated like shit by the NFSA, but rest assured I’ll be carrying on undeterred,” Mr Agarol said.