Qantas CEO marks another 100


Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says he may celebrate the airline’s centenary this week by sacking a further 100 employees.

“I tink this could be a fitting way to celebrate a century of continuous air services by Qantas in and Australia and around the world,” Mr Joyce said.

“Well, almost a century of continuous service. We tend not to count the period a few years back when Qantas wasn’t flying because I shut the whole show down to help drive the company’s brutal industrial relations agenda.

“We’ve come a long way as an airline in 100 years when you look at our aircraft and service standards, but luckily our attitude to industrial relations is still stuck back in 1920.

“But in addition to that we’ve a lot to celebrate, especially the possibility of a further 100 jobs going in addition to almost 8,000 redundancies we imposed and the 20,000 staff we stood down almost as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic started before quickly signing up for the JobKeeper package.

“At least I kept my job,” Mr Joyce joked. “But seriously, I tink I’m really looking forward to the positive impact any extra job cuts will have on the company’s share price, not to mention the very positive flow-on effect it will have on my own salary package.

“This year that’s dropped to a miserable sub-$2 million when I earned $9 million the year before and up to $20 million-plus in my total revenue package in years gone by.

“So another 100 job cuts to mark the Qantas centenary just makes sense on so many levels.

“It’s the spirit of Australia, so to speak,” he said.