Let’s make the Dirty Digger pay!

I have some problems bordering on the programmatically specific with Kevin Rudd’s call for a royal commission into the role of Newscorp Australia’s rotten rags and rightwing nutjob electronic mediocre shock jocks.

Namely, that despite more than a half-million signatures, such an RC is probably never going to happen.

It certainly won’t be brought on by any Morrison government who owes Rupert Murdoch more than the millions he throws the Dirty Digger’s way every now and then, nor indeed by an incoming Fitzgibbon Labor government (insert canned laughter here).

And while the proposed Senate inquiry might have some fun, I suspect that the flaccid-arsed, criminally inclined, money-hungry, ethically challenged, self-centred 89-year-old Yank is not going to be worried one tiny jot by it.

For years, I’ve been arguing for a much simpler, faster and far more effective way of getting at this bastard where it hurts most – in his arthritic hip pocket – and it centres on my home state of Queensland.

For the third state election in a row, Rupe’s rotten rags across Queensland have trashed every basic tenet of fair and professional journalism in a pathetic attempt to sway Queensland voters to this awful prick’s whim, namely an LNP government that is far more likely to do whatever suits his business interests best.

I’ve got no idea what the grubby fingers of the world’s most powerful media mongrel in history have in Queensland affairs but my guess is that coalmining and fracking ventures might be high up the list in such a fervent climate-change denier.

I’ve always known one thing: that what Murdoch wants out of Queensland and the rest of Australia has absolutely nothing to do with what’s in the best interests of this state’s and this nation’s citizens.

For many months leading up to the recent October 31 state poll and particularly during the campaign proper, Murdoch print-media mastheads, The Courier-Mail, the Townsville Bulletin, the Cairns Post and the Gold Coast Bulletin were shamelessly pro-LNP.

The Courier‘s behaviour almost makes me feel ashamed of the six years I spent there. It was a newspaper back then.

I can only assume that Murdoch’s other regional papers that moved solely online some months ago were equally biased and arrogantly unprofessional but luckily I didn’t read them.

That these four print-media mastheads in particular thrashed basic principles of fair and balanced journalism in their bid to change the government was bad enough; that they are monopolies in their own regions makes their behaviour doubly reprehensible.

So why should I care about businesses hellbent on damaging their brands to a dying readership, especially when they have proved totally ineffective in swaying public opinion their way? Well, I do.

I’ll repeat a regular refrain: these “newspapers” election after election after election have tried their very best to defeat Labor; if reelected Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and her ministers spend one red cent with them over their new four-year term, then they are truly stupid.