Every little word is sacred….

The Glass House has banged on before about how easy it now appears to be in the mainstream media to leave out one tiny, little word that makes a sentence sensible.

Or, indeed, to add one tiny little word that spoils an otherwise perfect sentence.

And how often that little omission or addition appears in the intro to a story.

Which is why we are proud to present, for your reading displeasure, this opening gambit in the world pages of today’s The Sun-Herald from Bevan Shields in London:

We often wonder what it must be like to be someone as highly paid as Bevan Shields to wake up on a crisp autumn morning in the
Old Dart to find that the word “and” has mysteriously appeared in his equally crisp intro to a story on UK politics.

That’s assuming he didn’t fuck it up himself after a dozen pints of Spitfire or London Pride and The Sun-Herald, bereft of subs of any quality, just let it through.

Let’s play devil’s advocate and blame the sub. Perhaps Shields wrote … “Dominic Cummings…..sat down and typed ….” which made the sentence completely sensible and the sub thought “sat down” was a bit superfluous, the sub perhaps a little bit too full of themselves after coming up with that brilliant headline?

We’ll let you Buggers decide who was to blame.

BUGSCRIPT: This stuffed-up intro appeared in a country edition of The Sun-Herald although The Glass House could almost bet its last dollar if it still had it that the error would have flowed through to metro/city editions. We can’t see if the error is being repeated online because Ms Maley’s column does not appear to be there.


We have another well-known MSM columnist who feels the need to tidy up Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s mispronunciations when he’s being quoted in direct speech.

Jacqueline Maley in today’s The Sun-Herald quoted Smoko’s comments that the widespread use of the term bonk ban was “dismissive of the seriousness of the issue”.

The Glass House has already pointed out that the PM actually slurred..

We pedantic old fuddy-duddies at The Bug/The Glass House still believe in all seriously that if you put someone in direct quotes, use what they said, not what you think they meant to say.

Or get around it some other way. Smoko did say seriousness a little later on after interrupting Anne Ruston and mansplaining things to her.