Please feel free to misquote me…

Could someone please tell The Conversation and its contributor Michelle Gratten that it’s not their job to fix Scott Morrison’s very frequent fractured syntax.

Especially when they are using direct quotes attributed to our tongue – and possibly emotionally – tired Prime Minister.

Here’s what the leader of our nation actually slurred on Tuesday after interrupting Anne Ruston, Minister for Families and Late-Night Canberra Bar Servicings.

Serious is what he said, so in response can The Glass House be seriously for a moment?

Didn’t the Fourth Estate learn its lessons from all those years we in the MSM distorted Bjelke-Petersen’s ramblings over the phone from Bethany into coherent sentences?

Created a monster, we did. Gave the people of Queensland the impression he was almost normal – or at least educated beyond grade three.

So it’s about time that The Conversation and everyone else who wants to report direct speech from Morrison throws (sic) into the mix whenever it’s appropriate – and it will be often, if we’re completely seriousness.


A small crowd….

The Glass House can always rely on Alexis Daish, Channel 9’s US-based reporter, to – if not strangle a participle – then at least structure sentences rather poorly.

On Sunday night, she gave us this gem of a sentence that began: “In the back seat of a limousine, the crowd was hostile…”

We once again implore Alexis to read through her notes before taping her comments. She does make notes, right, before doing voiceovers or to-camera pieces?

By contrast, a little later in Sunday’s 6pm bulletin out of Sydney, presenter Peter Overton was at his usual professional best with: “The Prime Minister has joined world leaders in welcoming the election of Joe Biden…”

Glass House applauds him for leaving out the word ‘other’ before ‘world leaders’.


Cold comfort

Like almost every edition of The Australian national broadshit we here at The Bug present a product unsullied by paid advertising.

But we do take an interest in the advertising industry which, if one listens to the gurus on the ABC’s The Gruen Transfer, is populated wall to wall by practitioners who are easily slotted into the genius category.

Which is why we wondered how on earth an ad like the online one being run by whitegoods maker LG (pictured) could ever get made, let alone approved to hit our small portable screens.   

For an ad supposedly touting the allegedly superior chilling capability of an LG fridge we wondered why it sends a message that’s directly contradictory.

Maybe Russel Howcroft might explain, or that other chap in the t-shirt. Or maybe Wil Anderson has a snappy scripted impromptu remark to make.


Yet another one….

To finish, here is yet another in our long line of entries in our “Yes, we know what they meant” file.

This one is from yesterday’s online edition of The Age in Melbourne.

We suspect that with a tad more care and a rather simple change, the reporter would have run with….” …. as an investigation by former premier Steve Bracks and former federal MP Jenny Macklin into branch stacking in Victoria nears completion.

While Mr Bracks and Ms Macklin also know what was meant to be conveyed, we wouldn’t blame them for stacking on an act regardless.