Agarol adjusts anthem


Vince Agarol, the Brisbane man behind an unproduced rock opera about the city’s notorious “poo jogger”, says he is working on revamped lyrics that will settle the current argument over our national anthem.

Mr Agarol (main picture) said his experience as a composer and musical theatre producer and promoter gave him an insight into what changes were needed to make Advance Australia Fair more acceptable to all Australians.

“I read recently about the concerns – legitimate in my view – that many indigenous Australians have with the original lyrics of our national anthem,” Mr Agarol said.

“I immediately started to play with the current words to see if I couldn’t solve the problem.

“It has distracted me somewhat from my ongoing efforts to have my Poo Jogger rock opera brought to the stage, telling the story in music of the chap who regularly dropped a rancid coil or two or spray painted strangers’ driveways on Brisbane southside a few years back.

“But the rewording of our anthem is a job of national importance and although I haven’t yet completed a full rewrite of Advance Australia Fair, I’m getting close.”

 Mr Agarol would not disclose the full text of his suggested new lyrics but did give The Bug a preview of his new opening and closing lines.

In his rewritten version the anthem starts: Australians all let us rejoice/For we can poo and pee/On golden soil we drop a coil/Our home is soaked in wee.

The last lines of both traditional verses have been changed to: In joyful straining let us stink/ Advance Australia Fair.

“I won’t give away much more at this stage because I’m hoping to stage a premiere  performance of my new anthem lyrics next week,” Mr Agarol said.

“I’ve issued invitations to all the movers and shakers from the PM down so I hope they turn up.

“The venue will be the Luggage Point sewage works near the mouth of the Brisbane River that should give the event that certain ambience.

“The evening will start with a performance of parts of my Poo Jogger musical.

“Then there’ll be an intermission to hose down the stage, and no doubt some in the front row, before I perform the new anthem,” he said.