Murdoch media covers Rudd petition

Ever since former prime minister Kevin Rudd launched his petition calling for a royal commission into the activities of News Corp Australia, it has been standard for other media outlets and some commentators to note that the Murdoch media itself has not given the story a run.

Even when the online Rudd petition to the Australian Parliament reached a record number of signatories at the deadline for lodgement, Murdoch media outlets dutifully ignored it. Right? Well, no.

Our various media analysis teams at The Bug’s headquarters have been scouring News Corp publications and related entities to determine if that commonly accepted belief were true.

We can now report it is indeed false.

Back on 23 October on the Chris Kenny Tonight Show, or something like that, on Sky News – a News Corp related entity – two journalists and columnists gave their frank views on Mr Rudd and his petition.

Now admittedly it wasn’t anything like our dream front page of The Oz (main picture) and the two commentators concerned, Sharri Markson and Rebecca Weisser, both right…. ooops, sorry… both write for the News Corp-owned broadshit The Australian, with Ms Weisser also being a contributor to the right-wing mag The Spectator Australia.

And what did both women say? Well, if you like you can search online and watch for yourself, but to save you time let’s just say they noted Mr Rudd and his petition and then moved on to dismissing him and the reasons he launched it.

Apparently all’s well with the media world as far as they are concerned and we are all lucky to have News Corp in our lives and playing such a big role in public discourse.

Of course Ms Weisser also took the opportunity to let viewers know that if there was anything at all wrong with the Australian media landscape it was entirely the fault of the ABC which really shouldn’t exist.


Speaking of News Corp, its Brisbane daily turdbloid The Courier-Mail ran a story today about a young man about to be set free on parole after serving time for killing his mother.

The woman’s family are upset at the allegedly short time he has spent behind bars for the crime.

Hence the question in the story’s headline. Or is it a question at all?  There isn’t one of these things – ? – at the end so we’re unsure.

Maybe someone at the Courier can explain.

Oh, sorry, that should be: Maybe someone at the Courier could explain? Or should it. Damn.


Speaking of News Corp and speaking of The Courier-Mail, today’s edition also has a story about the kerfuffle over the resignation and replacement of the Mayor of Rockhampton. (pictured)

For those who haven’t heard, the current mayor has quit and under a recently passed state law her successor is meant to be the other candidate receiving the next highest vote at the previous council election.

But for various reasons the state government has decided that should not happen and so it plans to retrospectively amend the law to give voters a say on a new mayor at a by-election.

But the headline? Sorry, that might be: But the headline.

Maybe someone was thinking about air being taken out of the sails, although we’ve never heard that one and are more familiar with the idea of wind in the sails, or out of them.

Questions need to be asked. Mark our words.