Premier given Scott free-pass

Morrison rewarded for role

BRISBANE: Re-elected Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is expected to announce shortly that Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be appointed an honorary minister in her revamped Cabinet for the next four years.

A Premiers’ Department spokesperson told The Bug: “Annastacia thinks that’s the least she could do to reward the PM for the week he spent in Queensland telling her and her fellow Queenslanders what they should do.

“We couldn’t have gotten to an outright majority without his efforts.”


Melania on the move?

WASHINGTON, DC: Online bookies here are fairly much in agreement as to when – not if – Melania Trump will separate from her husband in the wake of his big presidential loss.

Their odds for her staying by his side until after inauguration day on Wednesday, January 20 next year, range between 6-4 and 4-1.

“Trump will probably have enough money to pay her to do that at the very least so he can save face on hand-over day,” one top bookie said.

“He might even have enough left over to get her to hold his hand one last time, albeit reluctantly and not for more than a few seconds.

“But our odds of her taking an Uber to wherever her new home is as soon as the inauguration ceremony is completed is currently at 2-1 on and other bookies concur.”

Meanwhile, the same bookies have rated the chances of Donald Trump finally showing some class and character and graciously conceding to Joe Biden at any time before Inauguration Day as fat.