Revealed: how Labor’s surge tanked


Labor Party officials in Queensland have revealed how a predicted landslide victory at the state poll on October 31 ended up as only a narrow but comfortable win.

“With a week to go, we were looking at maybe winning 65 seats in the 93-seat chamber and then the unthinkable happened – Scott Morrison left the state after only a week’s campaigning,” a senior administrative source told The Bug.

“Through a hidden third source, we even offered the LNP the funds needed to keep the PM on the hustings.

“But as soon as Morrison was pictured scooting around in a tank before heading south, the wind went well and truly out of our sails.

“What can we say. We tanked as well.

“Smoko was a rolled-gold, top-shelf, asset to our campaign.”

The Bug phoned The Courier-Mail editor Chris Jones (pictured) to see if he was interested in such a story that exposed the prime minister as a big liability on the hustings.

“Hello! Hello!” Jones said. “Is there anyone there?” he added before hanging up but not before observing that the line was either faulty or the caller had rung off.