Biden hopes new house helps

Joe Biden’s campaign team has moved quickly to establish and reinforce his legitimacy as the next US president after claiming an expected narrow win over Donald Trump.

In the midst of wrangling over the US election result Democratic Party strategists are working to ensure the American people accept the coming change in administration.

“As Joe’s campaign team we know that many Americans may view a narrow Biden win somehow makes him an illegitimate president,” a Biden campaign insider said.

“The fact the presidential election is in November and a new president doesn’t take office until January means there is a lot of time for Trump and his followers to cast doubt on the veracity of the election outcome, and to damage Joe’s standing among Americans and taint his entire term as an illegitimate occupant of the White House.”

The Democratic Party insider said once they believed Mr Biden had reached the minimum 270 Electoral College votes needed to become president, his campaign team immediately began work to change his public image to reflect his new standing.

“The first thing we needed was a place for him to call home that gave him a ‘presidential’  aura, something iconic that’s similar to the White House without actually being the White House,” the insider said.

“That’s why from tomorrow Joe and Jill Biden will be taking up residence at the Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. (main picture)

“Elvis Presley’s old home, now essentially a theme park, is perhaps the second most recognised house in the nation after the White House. It looks a lot like the White House if you squint a bit, so it fits the bill.

“While the address may not have the same cache as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we believe that running up to 20 January 2021 having the incoming President and First Lady living at  3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard will add to Joe’s credibility and standing among voters.

“We know that Trump, as the unrelenting showman he is, will milk his last months in office for all they are worth and will be seen day after day working in the Oval Office and around the White House.

“While Graceland may not have anything like the Oval Office, we firmly believe that in the months prior to inauguration day in January the American people will come to know and respect Joe Biden as their president as they see him working day after day in the Jungle Room or taking a dip in Elvis’s old guitar-shaped pool.

“We as a campaign team are certain that this is the right thing to do right now, after all we’re the ones who’ve got Joe to where he is today,” the insider said.