Highest US court stands ready

Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts, says he and his fellows judges stand ready to adjudicate on any challenge to the presidential election outcome.

Justice Roberts (centre, main picture) said he and others on the highest court in the land would always abide by their duty to make judgements in the best interests of the nation.

Justice Roberts said he rejected allegations that he was too right wing in his views and would rule on any legal challenge in favour of President Trump and the Republic Party.

“I’d say I am more a traditionalist than right-wing,” he said. “For instance, as Chief Justice I have reintroduced the concept of those on the bench wearing judicial wigs if they so desire.

“I’m pleased to say that several of my fellow justices have chosen to do so.

“But nobody should read anything into that.

“As Chief Justice it has always been my aim to make American law great again.

“In doing so, all of us on the Court must listen to and weigh all the facts, then listen to and weigh the alternate facts.

“It is always important to ensure that we abide by one of the key principles of the court system – that justice must always seem to be done,” he said.