No cheques and balance

Take a close look at the picture above from the Friday edition of the Townsville Bulletin.

What’s missing. Yes, a big novelty cheque.

It shows a local state LNP candidate announcing a big research grant for local James Cook University. Where did the money come from?

The story doesn’t tell us. We think it’s federal funds and that the Morrison Government has been allowing state LNP candidates to make a name for themselves in announcing the cash grants.

Or perhaps it’s come out of the pocket of the candidate himself? Just kidding.

We kinda thought the newspaper itself might have asked the question and told its readers instead of giving them a big story with a nice big picture of an LNP candidate they clearly want to see elected.


What does the Townsville Bulletin do when the LNP’s signature law and order policy for the city – a curfew on kids to be enforced by already busy local police – cops a hiding as soon as it’s announced?

Of course, run a front page photo of the city’s three LNP candidates as if it’s an LNP-designed and produced corflute sign. (pictured)

Sadly, we have come to expect nothing less.

For a long time, The Glass House has called the News Queensland building in inner-Brisbane that houses The Courier-Mail and Sunday Mail “the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch”.

The Bulletin is now officially “the LNP’s Townsville branch”.