Has famous pair called it a day?

Has one of Sydney’s longest lasting and much loved couples finally split up?

It appears so, and I’m told Sydney’s glitterati – especially its adorable mainstream-media subset – are both shocked and dismayed by the news.

I’m referring, of course, to Peter FitzSimons and his red bandana.

While I’ve know for some time that things were getting pretty tight between them and the pressure was starting to build and respected their privacy by keeping schtum, it’s now clear the sad events are well and truly out in the public arena.

I’m referring, of course, to today’s Sydney Morning Herald (above) that has exposed the fracturing of what appeared to even the most casual of observers a solid, loving relationship that had stood the test of time and the pressures of celebrity.

My spies in the media world tell me, rather sadly, there is little chance of a reconciliation.

Right: The couple in happier times and how I truly believe their fans would most likely prefer to remember them.