Is a RC needed to kill off Rupe’s rags

Bit ambivalent about Kevin Rudd’s petition for a royal commission into the Dirty Digger’s Newscorpse activities in Oz.

The more who sign it the merrier but I suspect that while the petition will not do any harm, it won’t do much good either.

The chances of such a RC into Rupert Murdoch’s rotten rags and electronic media propaganda outlets are slight at best, regardless of who wins the next federal election, almost certainly to be held next year after Scott Morrison promised it wouldn’t.

Nor have I heard a peep of support for it from Anthony Albanese and federal Labor.

The other reasons for a little indifference on my part to such a RC are based on two long-held beliefs.

Firstly, that Rupe’s shitsheets aren’t nearly as influential as he and his brown-nosing editors, sub-editors and reporters around this wide brown land think.

Secondly, the damage this flaccid-arsed, money-hungry, ethically bereft, wrinkled old fuck in New York is doing to the brands of his various mastheads as he strives to keep, or put into power, rightwing governments far more likely to favour his shameful commercial interests gives me a certain joy.

How’s this for an example to back up my first proposition.
Brisbane’s two monopoly metropolitan rags The Courier-Mail and the Sunday Mail have for months in the leadup to the current Queensland state election been no less unprofessional, no far more removed from any of the basics of fair and balanced journalism, than they were at the 2015 and 2017 polls.

They – and their regional counterparts – bombed out badly back then. I cling fondly to one report I heard that then Courier-Mail editor Christopher “show quality journalism the” Dore practically sobbed in his cups and choked on his election-night pepperoni pizza and shouted something akin to “why haven’t the people of Queensland listened to us?”

And nothing will ever convince me that Newscorpse’s pathetic one-eyed coverage of the federal election last year contributed much, if anything, to Morrison’s shock win.

The $90 million plus anti-Labor spend by that fat worker-hating, money-hungry cunt Clive Palmer was the difference then.

And as for my second point, Newcorpse rags continue to do enormous damage to themselves with their shameless support for conservative politics.

Rudd is perfectly right: Murdoch’s media empire is a blight on Australian society and a disgrace to the basic tenants of journalism.

But front pages like the one at top midweek from the Bulletin – aka the LNP’s Townsville branch – are doing much more damage to his rotten rags than any RC would ever do.

The people aren’t mugs and like in the last two Queensland elections and hopefully in the current one, they dismiss these sorts of partisan shenanigans for what they are.

The wants and the needs of that dreadful old Yank fuck in New York have absolutely nothing to do with what’s best for Australians as they face the dangers of a warming world and growing inequality as neo-conservatives hold firm to discredited trickle-down economic theories based on supressing workers’ wages and entitlements.

The circulations and profitability of Murdoch’s mastheads will continue to fall and that will gather pace with or without a royal commission even if it is being touted by Kevin Rudd who is from Queensland and is here to help.