Simply overington the top

Social mediocre was awash with huff and puffery earlier this week over the decision by producers of the ABC’s 7.30 program on Monday to invite a couple of Murdoch talking heads on to chat about the Dazza and Glad show.

The Glass House has now watched the segment on iview to see whether the many vocal critics had valid points.

Firstly, MGH agrees with those who queried why the bloody hell would anyone at the ABC want to have Newscorpse identities on for their view on anything, let alone politics.

Why the program had to talk to other journos about an issue dominating NSW politics is valid enough, without questioning why they’ve gone to The Australian’s associate editor Caroline Overington and political editor Samantha Maiden.

We all know the Dirty Digger wants the ABC flogged off and dead buried and cremated, not necessary in that order, so with these two scribes, it’s a bit like inviting the fox into a chookhouse and hoping it will be content with a vegetarian supper.

Both women were quick off the mark to protect the travelling sisterhood who occasionally dropped her pants for dazzling Daz.

Both were eager to support our Glad’s “he barely touched the sides” dismissal of the cad from Wagga Wagga; her “I loved him, I loved him not” displays in the media.

Asked by Sales about that strategy of Glad’s over the last 24 hours, Maiden: “Well, it’s brilliant. And it’s so audacious. it might just work.”

“Why does it have to be a strategy” Overington added. “Why can’t it just be true?”

A sympathetic Maiden suggested it was hard for a 50-year-old to find a date in Sydney and this one turned out to be a dud.

And a whopper from the Oz’s associate editor: “There are people who say, well she was in an intimate relationship with him but that’s not in fact true.”

Well, Caroline, it is in fact true. It’s been fairly well established that they did butt uglies. It wasn’t all just talking dirty over the phone about Badgerys Creek land deals that got Dazza out of a financial pickle.

Both were resolute in their keeness to build up the Glad over the cad.

Maiden: “I think she’s so impressive.” And this fine piece of hyperbole: “People are really backing her in.” Later on she enthused: “She’s an incredibly impressive woman.”

Overington: “I thought it was mortifying what she’s had to go through ….. It must have been excruciating for someone [forced to talk about her private life] who is so calm and so capable and so modest”.

While the two talking heads differed on whether Glad had anything to answer for before ICAC, the general sense we at the Glass House gleaned from the segment was that Glad was probably the finest Premier NSW has even been blessed with.

So what else shone through from watching the segment?

That if this state leader had been a Labor pollie having a relationship with a subordinate, Overington in particular would have had her fox’s claws fully extended and would have shredded the poor thing.

But not Glad. Both were at pains to say Glad was not being accused of any corrupt activity. To Overington she was a witness and “the key question for voters in NSW is: has she done anything wrong and ICAC says she has not.”

Finally, a Newscorpse talking head must get onto the real topic de jour.

Overington: “The double standard here appears be the fact that she was involved in a relationship with no harm done to anyone really”. The Oz’s associate editor has spoken: ICAC can stand down now; there’s nothing to see here!

“Contrast that to what’s happening in Victoria where you have 800 people dead; you have millions of lives ruined (Caroline really is the queen of hyperbole!) and yet the pressure is on Gladys Berejiklian and not on Daniel Andrews. That strikes me as a double standard in public life.”

What strikes MGH as a double standard is how someone can use only the far-right portion of their brain to be obsessed with ending Andrews’ career over something he has apologised profusely for, yet completely ignore that aged care is a federal government responsibility, that many of those deaths happened in the private aged care sector where the federal government protected private owners from scrutiny and put their profits over proper staffing levels and good health care, and that Scott Morrison early on demanded such centres to be opened up despite coronavirus.

So in summary: if the Media Glass House had any say in things at all, it wouldn’t have either of these Newscorpse vixens anywhere near the ABC chookhouse on basic principles alone; that the organisation they work for wants the ABC destroyed and is shockingly, persistently, unethically pro-Liberal National Party.

And especially Overington. We’d let her rot in her Newscorpse office, writing risible rightwing rubbish and watching it trickle down onto a fast-shrinking Oz readership.