Murdoch backs Rudd inquiry

Rupert Murdoch has tearfully agreed to support former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s proposal for a Royal Commission to investigate the alleged polarising and politically biased news coverage by News Corp outlets across Australia.

At a news conference in New York, Mr Murdoch (main picture) said he had reached the conclusion after reading the Wednesday edition of his Brisbane morning turdbloid The Courier-Mail.

“I must say that this is the most humble day of my life,” he said.

“Well, it’s the most humble since the last most-humble day of my life just a few years ago.

“When I read just the headline of Wednesday’s Courier (pictured) I just knew I had no alternative but to support Mr Rudd’s plan.

“I now call on the Prime Minister – the Australian one I mean, just to be clear – to establish the Royal Commission Mr Rudd seeks and I will willingly give evidence and so too will all my senior executives and editors across Australia.”

 His voice breaking and wiping away tears, Mr Murdoch said he initially rejected Mr Rudd’s call, but Wednesday’s Courier-Mail had triggered his change of mind.

“The Courier’s coverage of the current Queensland election included its Wednesday front page calling on state political leaders to tell the truth.

“If we, as News Corp, are asking that of others then we can’t be hypocritical and we must come clean on all the nefarious activities we’ve been up to for years.

“I mean for months we’ve also been running our Your Right to Know campaign exposing government secrecy, so that makes it even more necessary that we have a Royal Commission into my and my company’s activities.

“I can tell you it’ll uncover some real heavy shit. But really, as head of an organisation telling everyone else to tell the truth and not to keep facts hidden, I’ll have to just cop it,” Mr Murdoch said before his voice trailed off and he left the podium.