Community transmission…

Media Glass House had some fun a wee while back about how television tyros happily throw around words that don’t fit the story being told.

We looked at a couple of Channel 9 Sydney news reporters who talked of the “unbelievable” work of firefighters when “professional” or “good” or nothing at all would have been better, and a stolen car that came to a “flying halt” when the video showed it simply pulling up. An elderly lawn bowler in a Volvo might have been going faster before coming to a halt.

So we stay with that news studio and take a look at state political reporter Liz Daniels’ report on Wednesday night of Gladys Berejiklian’s bad choice of a personal partner.

After some grabs from pollies who you’d expect to be unkind to our Glad’s fate, Daniels then declared the Premier nevertheless had “community” support.

The Glass House immediately pricked up its ears and thought maybe some sort of “community” poll might have been taken, even though it might have been in the Vaucluse high street or Double Pay.

The members of the community who sprang to the Premier’s aid with glowing comments about how great a woman and state leader she is?

Well, first up was Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Then senior members of her Cabinet.

Community support, Liz?

Words have meanings. Use them properly.


The Courier-Mail broke some startling news on Tuesday when it breathlessly declared in its splash that Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk would not pick her own ministry if she is re-elected on October 31!

No wonder the paper is Brisbane’s most popular daily monopoly newspaper! Such investigative powers; such a grasp on reality; how noble of it to bring such facts to an ignorant readership perhaps unaware of the extent of trade union thuggery and deceit in the Sunshine State.

Very rarely have Labor leaders both federally and at a state level have felt to be in such a position of power that they pick their ministry. Liberal leaders might have that privilege but Labor does have factions – unlike the Tories, right, Malcolm Turnbull?(insert canned laughter here) – and they nominate their picks according to their numbers in the government party room.

And you know what? Some of those factions are aligned with – wait for it – trade unions!!!!! Those folk who formed the Labor Party and who look after workers’ pay and entitlements.

How dare those unions – through the money they channel into the Labor Party so it can almost hold its own, campaigning wise, with the LNP that does not get developers’ money any more (insert canned laughter here) – expect some ministers who share their aims and beliefs.

Of course, why a senior Queensland trade union official could get conned into talking to a news organisation happy to blow up and distort any comments he might make to suit their anti-union, anti-worker agenda is a debate for another day.


Loud guffaws were heard yesterday across several of the floors of The Bug offices housing our media analysis teams.

On investigation it appears an item appearing on The Guardian Australia online news website (pictured) had caused the laughter.

An accidental or unconscious choice of words, or someone just horsing around?