A not-so-ballsy prediction after all….


This wizened old hack ex-journo would have gladly bet his equally wizened old nads that yesterday’s bad jobless figures for Queensland would be the Brisbane Courier-Mail’s splash for today (above).

It was a gimme, really, seeing the paper comes out of the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch.

And, to a point, fair enough too. Bad figures deserve a good run and a government seeking re-election needs to be held to account over them and an Opposition deserves a chance to criticise them.

But as always with the Courier, it’s the absolute relish with which the Courier tackled the task that comes as absolutely no surprise.


It reeks more of an editorial than a news item, does it not? I bet no-one in the story says: “Work that one out!”

NAH NAH NA NA NAAARRRH could just as easily be used with a cruel shot of a grim, sour-faced Annastacia Palaszczuk clearly heading towards political oblivion.

The bottom line is that these poor jobless figures would not have been on the front page if it were an LNP government seeking re-election in just over two weeks.

That is also an absolute gimme! And if editor Chris Jones said they would have been the splash if Deb Frecklington were Premier, then let’s all tell him he’s joking. Bullshitting, more like it, based on his past performance over recent months. (see below)

The jobless stats may have made the inside election news pages – and more than likely with a punchy LNP spin on them with a lovely photo of the fertile Freckle admitting there’s still work to be done!

The treatment by the Courier this morning is a good example of the dangers of a society being saddled with a monopoly, right-wing daily newspaper in its midst and goes to the heart of why former PM Kevin Rudd’s call for a royal commission into the dominance of Newscorp in the Australian print newspaper market has now garnered over 200,000 signatures.

Two final points from this wizened old hack with the equally wizened nads.

I could almost hear Jones and his senior editors wetting their pants with delight over how damaging they would be hoping these jobless figures must be to the Polish Princess and her government.

The last full poll I’ve sighted said Queenslanders trusted Labor far more to drive the economy ahead after COVID-19, so high jobless figures in a state that relies so much on tourism does not automatically mean the deathknell for Labor.

And I still get immense pleasure watching the paper trash its own brand just so Rupert Murdoch gets what he wants. Let us all please remember that what the Dirty Digger wants is the absolute opposite of what the vast majority of Queenslanders want and deserve.

It’s true that WORK THAT ONE OUT is no where near the worst this rotten rag of Rupe’s has used in recent times, and no doubt much worse is yet to come in the next 15 days.

Don Gordon-Brown

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