Biden hires new campaign team

Joe Biden has released the first campaign advertisement produced by his new campaign team to help rebuff President Donald Trump’s attacks on him as “sleepy Joe”.

Biden this week hired an entirely new slate of advisers to run his campaign for the November election after being stung by Trump’s ongoing taunts.

“Joe wouldn’t admit it but the ‘sleepy’ tag was really starting to get under his skin each time we woke him up for a campaign update,” a Democratic Party insider said.

“At first he was happy to ignore it and hope people would grow tired of it. But after Trump kept repeating the insult, party research started to show it was beginning to have an effect with voters.

“So Joe asked his campaign team to come up with a strategy to fight back and they had no real solution, so he got angry and sacked them all.

“The new campaign team he hired is essentially the group of creative minds who put together the 2004 cult hit film Napoleon Dynamite.

“The value of their unique skills and original thinking shows in the first advertisement they produced in Joe’s basement (pictured) which they claim will directly rebut Trump’s ‘sleepy Joe’ attacks.”

The Democratic Party source said Biden had hired almost the entire creative team behind the Napoleon Dynamite movie.

“He’s put the film’s writer-director Jared Hess and his screenwriter wife Jerusha on the campaign payroll as well as three of the film’s producers Chris Wyatt, Sean Covel and Jory Weitz.

“Unfortunately, Joe insisted there was no room on his campaign team for Jeremy Coon, the fourth producer behind Napoleon Dynamite.

“I spoke to Jeremy and he’s a bit miffed at being left out but also seems to understand why Joe made the decision,” the source said.