Hanson set to save Bradman relic


One Nation leader and Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has come to the rescue of protesters seeking to block a residential development in the NSW town of Bowral which they say will destroy the historic cricket pitch used by a young Don Bradman.

The protesters have been trying to challenge a development application over land containing a concrete pitch laid in 1892 and allegedly used by Bradman as a schoolboy player in the 1920s.

Senator Hanson said she would gladly fly to Bowral and present a cheque for however much was needed to stop the development.

“I have just been in Rockhampton in Queensland to present a cheque for $23 million to the local sports club to build a new 16,000-seat stadium (main picture).

“So if the good people of Bovril want me to do the same for them I can just as easily write a novelty cheque for whatever amount it takes to buy the land containing the croquet pitch.

“This is not about politics, it’s about saving our sporting heritage.

“As a fair dinkum, sports mad Aussie I for one would hate to see any relic connected with Dan Broadman disappear.

“He is a true blue Aussie sports hero, and of course by ‘true blue’ I mean white,” Senator Hanson said.