Sydney: Australia’s very own Dodge City

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The phrase “to dodge a bullet” has become fairly commonplace nowadays. As in meaning to avoid an unpleasant experience or situation. It often accompanies scenarios and outcomes that suggest a bit of luck or good timing about them.

Example? “We almost went to that pub the other night – the one that’s been declared a COVID-19 hotspot. We really dodged a bullet there.”

But do you know how hard it is to dodge a bullet in real life?

The Glass House has done some research and it seems some chap called Neo was quite good at it in a movie called The Matrix that people are still trying to make sense of 21 years later. That’s him at top, dodging bullets.

But now, courtesy of  Channel 9 Sydney’s 6pm news last night, we can report on three  Sydney people who have literally dodged a bullet fired into their Punchbowl flat.

Cue reporter Hannah Sinclair: “Three people were in the …. unit at 8.45 last night but managed to dodge the bullets.”bullet hole - net

Despite Peter Overton in his introduction to the story saying the unit had been “sprayed with bullets”, CCTV footage in the segment shows the shooter pull up in a silver car and it sounds like he or she fires once before driving off. Maybe s/he did laps.

Nevertheless, how those three people managed to dodge that first bullet is really quite amazing!

They might like to share with us next Saturday’s winning Lotto numbers.



k rudd's bias chart - net

Glass House is indebted to a Mr K. Rudd and a tweet of his from August 26 for this montage that shows how Newscorpse mastheads, The Australian and the Herald Sun, approach branch stacking scandals in Victorian politics.

At right is how the shitsheets covered the news of Labor naughtiness in the branches. The whole party was rotten to the core and, boy, did federal Opposition leader
Anthony Albanese have some questions to answer!

On the left are the editions of the Oz and the Herald Sun the day after Liberal branch-stacking was exposed – and it might be fair to argue it was even naughtier than Labor’s seeing an assistant federal minister in Michael Sukkar was involved with the suggestion of misspent public monies.

As you can see, the Oz went really big on it on its cover. An how about the Herald Sun’s page-four treatment!

And that heading … Libs’ member audit. That’s really giving the Victorian Liberals both barrels, eh? BAM! BAM!

This Mr K Rudd is apparently from Queensland and he’s here to help.