Rock band hit by racism clean-up


The decision to edit alleged racist expressions from the Australian-made internationally popular cartoon series Bluey has spilled over into the music industry.

Two episodes of the Brisbane-made Bluey have been reportedly pulled from the ABC’s iView website for re-editing after complaints by viewers that use of the expression “ooga booga” by one of the cartoon’s characters was racist (pictured).

1blueyclipThe ABC said one of the Bluey episodes had been changed to remove the expression and was available again on its iView on-demand website while the second re-edited episode would be uploaded soon.

The ABC also said it was taking extensive efforts to ensure all of its online offerings did not contain potentially racist remarks or dialogue.

“We have already removed from iView our entire stock of 1970s UK sitcoms and they are all being reviewed and re-edited to remove offensive dialogue,” an ABC spokesperson said.

“We expect them all to be back online soon, but viewers will notice that they all now run for between three and seven minutes, not their original 30-minute duration.

“We have also reviewed all old episodes of the ABC’s legendary weekly music show Countdown that featured appearances by rock band Australian Crawl (main picture).

“We’ve gone through and removed all of the band’s appearances.

“We’ve done it just to be on the safe side.  We really can’t understand a single word Australian Crawl frontman James Reyne sang, but some of them sound remarkably like ‘ooga booga’ so we’re erring on the side of caution,” the spokesperson said.