Please bare with us on this one…..

media dinkus

too big to bare detail - netAS a corrupt former Queensland police commissioner might have said as he was handed a small brown paper bag: “It’s the little fish that taste the sweetest!”

Likewise, The Bug’s Media Glass House from time to time enjoys highlighting the little things that of themselves don’t amount to a hill of beans but when taken collectively give a glimpse of how the fourth estate is “evolving”…..  if that’s the word for it?

For our first little nibble, we are indebted to Sky News’s political editor Andrew Clennell who took to the outlet’s online platform to express his view that COVID-19 may see Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews retire next year because the calamity in the state is “too big to bare”.

We hope Andrew doesn’t get too grizzly over our having a little fun at his expense.

We acknowledge that Andrew would certainly know the difference between “bare” and “bear” but it’s still fun to ridicule the little brain fades we are all capable of from thyme to thyme.

NOW, are we being a little pedantic with this next offering, sent to us by an eagle-eyed Bugger? We think not but who nose any more?

He tells us that in last Saturday’s edition of arguably Australia’s best national broadshit, The Australian, famous scribe Hedley Thomas and a co-author penned a piece that talked of a murder victim’s “deep-seeded fear of men”.

Any amount of material sourced from Professor Google tells us that, cute as it might be and becoming more prevalent, “deep-seeded” is simply wrong and the real phrase was, is, and, if logic and a desire to maintain proper English standards holds sway, will always remain “deep-seated”.

Perhaps Hedley and co will argue that English is a fast moving and evolving feast and if the hoi polloi are lining up to use “deep-seeded” more and more, then perhaps journos need to gracefully accept defeat and join the cue?


in the future - net

AND now we are being a little narky; a tad too niggardly.

The jaded old subs among The Bug/Glass House reached for their pens when this apology (above) from the Australian Women’s Weekly editor appeared on Monday’s Media Watch after the magazine ran a number of howlers in a five-page feature on Karl Stefanovic.

Said one of those unreconstructed bitter old subs: “Sweetie, delete the ‘in the future’. It’s a given.”