Stars fume over Princess Di choice


Some of Australia’s leading actresses are fuming over the decision by the producers of The Crown to select fellow Aussie actress Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in the final two series of the blockbuster Netflix show.buddy t

One much-loved Australian character actress phoned me this morning after watching the story on ABC News Breakfast and shouted down the line sarcastically: ‘Jesus, Buddy, how could I compete with that!”

I must confess, having seen the same segment this morning (at top), I had no idea why Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar were banging on about what a great choice Debicki was.

Personally I couldn’t see it. Just like Princess Di, Elizabeth has hair, two eyes, two ears and a jawline. And they’re both female of course, which helps.

Which are points Magda Szubanski put to me rather sarcastically when she rang.

“Buddy, really, I said love, I said pet, no wonder I’ve missed out! Were those two identical twins separated at birth?”

Magda told me she would have nailed the part of the tragic princess’s final years.

“I was quite prepared to return to an intensive Jenny Craig regime for as long as it took and Nic (Nicole Kidman) had already offered to lend me the nose she used to win her 2003 Oscar for The Hours.

“What’s more, I’m as much a blonde as Debiki is. Blonde? Yeah, right!

“And I’m far closer to Princess Di’s actual height than that anorexic stringbean is at 190cm, a full 12cm for fuck’s sake over the real Di.

“What would have been cheaper for the show’s producers? Get me to work in elevator shoes or dig a bloody trench for her?”

I’m reliably told other Aussie actresses bitterly disappointed at being overlooked include Asher Keddie, Marta Dusseldorp and out-of-work TV personality Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

“I would have gobbled that role up,” a seething Dusseldorp told me. “At least I look like Princess Di and I’m sure with the magic of SFX technology, they could have made my nose appear quite a bit smaller.”